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Custom Made Red Carpets
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Why hire, when you can own a beautiful, quality red carpet for a similar price?!

Hotels, Event Planners, Award Ceremony & Wedding Organisers and Gala Reception venues all know how important first impressions and a quality event carpet can be.

Highly Efficient Carpet Accessories

Metal Safety End Plates

To help reduce trip hazards

Fitted on the underside of each short end of the carpet, these are not visible when the carpet is on the ground. Coated steel plates 1.5mm thick shaped to fit the end of the carpet – will help to keep the carpet runner flat – especially after the carpet has been rolled for a long period.

£15.00 per linear metre eg. 1.20m wide carpet = 2 x 1.20m = 2.40m x 15.00 = Total: 36.00 + vat (not suitable for some shaped custom carpets

Non - Slip Backing

To help prevent movement on polished floors or where event carpet is placed upon another carpet.

Non Slip Backing

Supplied the same size as the event carpet - can be purchased as a separate item and placed between the carpet & floor - or integrated into the carpet in one piece (surcharge applicable)

Will help to prevent movement whether placed on top of another carpet, or on polished floors. Leaves no residue.

£4.95 per square metre eg carpet 1.40m x 8m = 11.20 sq. metre x 4.95 = 55.44 + vat

SCOTCHGARD Stain Protection

Added stain protection.

Whilst our event carpets are produced from Stain – Resistant fibre, our Scotchgard Stain Protection application allows the carpet to be cleaned more easily by preventing stains being absorbed. Also repels liquids. Particularly recommended for Ivory White & other lighter colours.

£4.50 per square metre eg: 1.30m x 7.00m = 9.10m x 4.50 = 40.95 + vat

Carpet Protector

Protective self adhesive film, will not leave any residue.

Will keep carpet clean & dry until the time of the event, then just peel off & discard!

Roll size:   60cm x 100m

Price:         60.00 + Vat

Stair Rods 

The finishing touch to your entrance steps.

Stair Rod
View stair rod collection >

Please call or email us for price information about our stair rods.

Available in either Solid or Hollow construction in a wide variety of finishes from Nickel to Polished brass to Black & many others.

Our stair rods can be supplied with either traditional brackets or close-fit Ring – Eye brackets to give a tighter fit on the carpet. Also choice of diameters on stair rods from 3/8” to 3/4”.

We can supply the stair rods to fit your stair runner perfectly – contact us for a quotation.


Please Email or call us with any queries on the above

Stair RodsStair Rods on Scarlet Red

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